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In today's world of network computers our important documents are usually widely dispersed on several computers in our networks. Over a period of time, we forget their location and searching for these files on a huge network turns out to be a frustrating experience. Such searches are typically not only time-consuming, but also consume valuable and scarce network resources. This article provides an elegant solution to this problem. Here we'll present an application that simplifies the remote search operation on the entire network using mobile agent technology. We'll take advantage of code migration in mobile agents to reduce network traffic. A mobile agent locally searches each of the specified remote machines and sends the search results to the requestor. The application provides the requestor with the flexibility of dynamically defining the search criteria and creat... (more)

How To Build a Matrix Calculator for Java-Enabled Mobile Phones

The matrix is an indispensable tool for engineers and mathematicians. Matrices are used in many engineering applications for solving linear equations, differential equations of n-order, and so on. Mathematicians have developed matrix arithmetic to help engineers in solving their engineering problems. It is generally very easy to understand and perform. However, due to the mere size of the computations involved, it's prone to errors. Even at the school level, students want to use a calculator to solve (or at least verify the results of) their school assignments on matrices. Some o... (more)

Corba Project Browser

With the rapid growth of the Internet, distributed Web-enabled applications are becoming popular. One of the most commonly used architectures for development of such applications is CORBA, which provides a platform, location and an implementation-language-neutral architecture for the development of distributed applications. In addition, the phenomenal interest in component technology has led to the development of CORBA Beans. Such CORBA components and objects will soon be available for use on the Web. When you encounter such a CORBA object, you may wish to use its services by d... (more)

Callbacks In CORBA

In recent days, CORBA has fast become a standard for the development of distributed applications. A CORBA application may consist of one or more CORBA server objects and many clients who connect to these servers. A CORBA server object makes itself available to the client by registering with the CORBA Naming Service or a CORBA Trader Service. A client locates the desired server object on the network by using this Naming or Trader service. Once the server object is located, the client receives a reference to it. Using this reference, the client can invoke methods on the server obje... (more)